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For a university that I was excited to be in, they disappoint me. I included some pictures of the chat too.

Here’s what happened. At first I was assigned to a random counsellor on WhatsApp to discuss about my course details. I was told to book a day to meet with my counsellor, so I did. I asked him if I had to bring any documents along with me, but he did not reply my message and just went along with arranging the appointment. Then, I asked him again for a total of 3 times so I just assumed I might not need to bring any, I had my Identity card along just in case. Who knew, on that day, he asked if I had bring any documents. OBVIOUSLY NOT. He told me it was okay and I could submit the documents via WhatsApp for registration and also to pay RM100 beforehand to secure my registration. Ok, done that.

After two months, it was almost time for orientation day. I messaged the counsellor a week before to provide me the orientation day details because I had to arrange other plans (date, day, schedule etc.) and he sent the details two days before the orientation itself, GREAT.

I attended the orientation and was told that I needed an offer letter to carry on with other registration process. I did not get my offer letter. Of course, I asked my counsellor about it and he did not reply me, again, it was helpless so I went to the registry office to ask about it. Apparently, they told me I had to pay the remaining RM400 registration fees first. I paid the fees and went back, the person then told me that my letter is not ready yet and told me to wait until I receive a text to collect it. She did not tell me when. She just asked me to WAIT. Even though I insisted her to give me a date because I need my offer letter to register for PTPTN. PTPTN has a deadline you know.

I waited two days, my classes had already started. I could not do anything without my offer letter and was so stressed over it I could NOT focus on my studies. Oh, on a side note, they also told me I have an outstanding fee of RM940 due in 2 days, and I was NOT informed about this. My counsellor disappeared for a long time. USELESS and IRRESPONSIBLE. He told me he was on MC, if you are on MC, at least pass it to someone else to do it. I consulted my mother about this and the next day, I went to the registry with her. This time, the person said she would check on my letter, and told me my details were not complete so they could not process my letter. If my mother did not accompany to ask about it, I would have been waiting for a text that would NEVER arrive.

After a lot of complaints, they assigned me to another SENIOR counsellor. The counsellor told me that I cannot attend this semester (September) and cannot get my offer letter because my registration was not complete. The previous counsellor did not process any documents at all. I was also told that they needed my a copy of my SPM slip and etc. WHICH the PREVIOUS COUNSELLOR did not tell me. Okay, I’ve paid RM500 registration fees for this crap, worse part is that there is no refund. Thank god, I did not pay the other RM940 or I would be losing my money. The new counsellor said he would defer me to a new semester, which is the next coming month, and I have to submit my documents to him again. I hope it turns out well this time. Will file another review about that soon. I am already thinking of switching to another university thanks to their staff. If this university cannot even manage simple processes, this university is not worth anyone’s time. Really. I suggest you all to pick another university with better management.

I am actually kind of worried that the next semester is starting so soon. I hope they do not just throw me into the class halfway and expect me to catch up on everything I missed for a month. I would sue them.

About that counsellor, he should really get fired. Until now, he has not replied to my messages from weeks ago about my offer letter, the extra payment, and my documents. Thanks for ruining my life, you’re the best.

Well, on the bright side, the campus is pretty okay, it’s not that bad. The facilities are also well maintained I guess. I attended only two days of class so I cannot really come to conclusion on the lecturers that quick. Oh, the guy at the information center was really friendly and helpful. He attended to my problems regarding the offer letter and even brought me to the registry. Thumbs up for him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Segi University Customer Care.

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